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bm::bv_statistics Struct Reference

Structure with statistical information about bitset's memory allocation details. More...

#include <bmfunc.h>

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Public Member Functions

void add_bit_block ()
 cound bit block More...
void add_gap_block (unsigned capacity, unsigned length)
 count gap block More...
void reset ()
 Reset statisctics. More...

Data Fields

unsigned bit_blocks
 Number of bit blocks. More...
unsigned gap_blocks
 Number of GAP blocks. More...
unsigned ptr_sub_blocks
 Number of sub-blocks. More...
size_t max_serialize_mem
 Estimated maximum of memory required for serialization. More...
size_t memory_used
 Memory used by bitvector including temp and service blocks. More...
gap_word_t gap_length [bm::set_total_blocks]
 Array of all GAP block lengths in the bvector. More...
gap_word_t gap_levels [bm::gap_levels]
 GAP lengths used by bvector. More...

Detailed Description

Structure with statistical information about bitset's memory allocation details.

Definition at line 54 of file bmfunc.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_bit_block()

void bm::bv_statistics::add_bit_block ( )

cound bit block

Definition at line 70 of file bmfunc.h.

References bit_blocks, and bm::set_block_size.

Referenced by bm::bvector<>::calc_stat().

◆ add_gap_block()

void bm::bv_statistics::add_gap_block ( unsigned  capacity,
unsigned  length 

count gap block

Definition at line 79 of file bmfunc.h.

References gap_blocks, and bm::set_total_blocks.

Referenced by bm::bvector<>::calc_stat().

◆ reset()

void bm::bv_statistics::reset ( )

Field Documentation

◆ bit_blocks

unsigned bm::bv_statistics::bit_blocks

◆ gap_blocks

unsigned bm::bv_statistics::gap_blocks

◆ gap_length

gap_word_t bm::bv_statistics::gap_length[bm::set_total_blocks]

Array of all GAP block lengths in the bvector.

Definition at line 64 of file bmfunc.h.

Referenced by bm::gap_free_elements().

◆ gap_levels

gap_word_t bm::bv_statistics::gap_levels[bm::gap_levels]

GAP lengths used by bvector.

Definition at line 66 of file bmfunc.h.

Referenced by bm::bvector<>::calc_stat().

◆ max_serialize_mem

size_t bm::bv_statistics::max_serialize_mem

◆ memory_used

size_t bm::bv_statistics::memory_used

◆ ptr_sub_blocks

unsigned bm::bv_statistics::ptr_sub_blocks

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