bm::str_sparse_vector< CharType, BV, MAX_STR_SIZE >::statistics Struct Reference

#include <bmstrsparsevec.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from bm::bv_statistics
void add_bit_block () BMNOEXCEPT
 cound bit block More...
void add_gap_block (unsigned capacity, unsigned length) BMNOEXCEPT
 count gap block More...
void reset () BMNOEXCEPT
 Reset statisctics. More...
void add (const bv_statistics &st) BMNOEXCEPT
 Sum data from another sttructure. More...
- Data Fields inherited from bm::bv_statistics
size_t bit_blocks
 Number of bit blocks. More...
size_t gap_blocks
 Number of GAP blocks. More...
size_t ptr_sub_blocks
 Number of sub-blocks. More...
size_t bv_count
 Number of bit-vectors. More...
size_t max_serialize_mem
 estimated maximum memory for serialization More...
size_t memory_used
 memory usage for all blocks and service tables More...
size_t gap_cap_overhead
 gap memory overhead between length and capacity More...
gap_word_t gap_levels [bm::gap_levels]
 GAP block lengths in the bvect. More...
unsigned long long gaps_by_level [bm::gap_levels]
 number of GAP blocks at each level More...

Detailed Description

template<typename CharType, typename BV, unsigned MAX_STR_SIZE>
struct bm::str_sparse_vector< CharType, BV, MAX_STR_SIZE >::statistics

Statistical information about memory allocation details.

strsvsample03.cpp, and strsvsample05.cpp.

Definition at line 73 of file bmstrsparsevec.h.

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