src Directory Reference


file  bm.h [code]
 Compressed bit-vector bvector<> container, set algebraic methods, traversal iterators.
file  bmaggregator.h [code]
 Algorithms for fast aggregation of N bvectors.
file  bmalgo.h [code]
 Algorithms for bvector<> (main include)
file  bmalgo_impl.h [code]
 Algorithms for bvector<>
file  bmalgo_similarity.h [code]
file  bmalloc.h [code]
 Default SIMD friendly allocator.
file  bmbmatrix.h [code]
 basic bit-matrix class and utilities
file  bmconst.h [code]
 Constants, tables and typedefs.
file  bmdef.h [code]
file  bmfunc.h [code]
 Bit manipulation primitives (internal)
file  bmgamma.h [code]
 Elias Gamma Utils used for compact serialization (internal)
file  bmrandom.h [code]
 Generation of random subset.
file  bmserial.h [code]
 Serialization / compression of bvector<>. Set theoretical operations on compressed BLOBs.
file  bmsimd.h [code]
 SIMD target version definitions.
file  bmsparsevec.h [code]
 Sparse constainer sparse_vector<> for integer types using bit-transposition transform.
file  bmsparsevec_algo.h [code]
 Algorithms for sparse_vector<>
file  bmsparsevec_compr.h [code]
 Compressed sparse container rsc_sparse_vector<> for integer types.
file  bmsparsevec_serial.h [code]
 Serialization for sparse_vector<>
file  bmsparsevec_util.h [code]
file  bmsse2.h [code]
 Compute functions for SSE2 SIMD instruction set (internal)
file  bmsse4.h [code]
 Compute functions for SSE4.2 SIMD instruction set (internal)
file  bmsse_util.h [code]
 Compute functions for SSE SIMD instruction set (internal)
file  bmstrsparsevec.h [code]
 string sparse vector based on bit-transposed matrix
file  bmtimer.h [code]
 Timing utilities for benchmarking (internal)
file  bmtrans.h [code]
 Utilities for bit transposition (internal) (experimental!)
file  bmundef.h [code]
 pre-processor un-defines to avoid global space pollution (internal)
file  bmutil.h [code]
 Bit manipulation primitives (internal)
file  bmvmin.h [code]
 Mini bitset for testing and utility purposes (internal)
file  encoding.h [code]
 Encoding utilities for serialization (internal)