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bmsparsevec_serial.h File Reference

Serialization for sparse_vector<> More...

#include "bmsparsevec.h"
#include "bmserial.h"
#include "bmbuffer.h"
#include "bmdef.h"
#include "bmundef.h"
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Data Structures

struct  bm::sparse_vector_serial_layout< SV >
 layout class for serialization buffer structure More...
class  bm::sparse_vector_serializer< SV >
class  bm::sparse_vector_deserializer< SV >
 sparse vector de-serializer More...
class  bm::compressed_collection_serializer< CBC >
 Seriaizer for compressed collections. More...
class  bm::compressed_collection_deserializer< CBC >
 Deseriaizer for compressed collections. More...




template<class SV >
void bm::sparse_vector_serialize (const SV &sv, sparse_vector_serial_layout< SV > &sv_layout, bm::word_t *temp_block=0)
 Serialize sparse vector into a memory buffer(s) structure. More...
template<class SV >
int bm::sparse_vector_deserialize (SV &sv, const unsigned char *buf, bm::word_t *temp_block=0)
 Deserialize sparse vector. More...

Detailed Description

Serialization for sparse_vector<>

Definition in file bmsparsevec_serial.h.