Version 5.1.1

Sept 15, 2019

Release Notes

  1. Fixed corner case crash on OR-ing multiple empty bit-vectors using overloaded operator syntax: bv_t = bv0 | bv1 | bv2;
  2. Sign of life with WebAssemblies. BitMagic library traces its legacy to 32-bit systems and still maintains compatibility there It helped in this case to run in browser environment. v.5.1.1 includes some tweaks to better enable some platform features like build-in popcount, lead zero count, etc. There is still work to better understand how to do exceptions and error conditions handling, but it is already clear that the library passes the core tests in all major browsers supporting WebAssemblies.
  3. Important fixes to cleanup warnings on case fall through and shadowed parameters, better support some C++17 features like [[fallthrough]]
  4. rsc_sparse_vector<> container (rank-select compressed vector for scalar ints) - now provides proper back-insert iterator.
  5. Succinct containers: back insert iterators now do on the fly memory optimization. The new feature reduces main memory footprint of ETL processes in environments with memory pressure.

Download v 5.1.1