Version 3.12.0

June 15, 2018

Release Notes

  1. Implemented const iterator for bm::sparse_vector<> bm::sparse_vector<>::const_iterator
  2. Implemented back inserter for bm::sparse_vector<> bm::sparse_vector<>::back_insert_iterator
  3. Implemented new search algorithm utility class (scanner) for unordered sets bm::sparse_vector<> bm::sparse_vector_scanner<>
  4. Performance optimizations of common logical operations, construction and destruction of bm::bvector<>
  5. New bit-vector method to find relative bit position for the specified rank bm::bvector<>::find_rank(...)
  6. New example to illustrate principles of scanner/search with bit-transposed vector Read more..
  7. SIMD performance optimizations (minor) for AVX2 and SSE4.2
  8. Improved test code coverage, fixed a few rare bugs
  9. Improved build environment, cmake files and settings
  10. #define BMCOUNTOPT deprecated, concerns over thread safety

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