Version 3.11.0

April 27, 2018

Release Notes

1. Performance optimizations (minor) for SSE4.2 and AVX2.

2. Improved C-library (language mapping) to support CPU identification.

3. Improved C-library to buils DLLs for various SIMD targets.

4. bm::sparse_vector - optimizations to set/get single elements without full decode.

5. bm::sparse_vector added support of NULL (unassigned) values for memory efficient construction of columnar databases.

6. New algorithm: memory efficient sparse_vector<> algorithm for Theory of Groups Image operation (set to set transformation / remapping / etc).svsample05.cpp

7. Reworked some memory management for better compiler compatibility, cleaner code, less warnings.

8. bm::bvector<> - added methods to find index of last set bit to determine dynamic range. sample15.cpp.

9. bm::bvector<>, bm::sparse_vector<> - added method inc() for binary increment of an element.

10. New example: implementation of counting sort / histogram build using sparse_vector<>, performance and memory benchmarks. xsample02.cpp. Read tech.notes here.

Download v 3.11.0