Search/scan for elements in unordered, non-unique sparse vector

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/** \example svsample06.cpp
Search/scan for elements in unordered, non-unique sparse vector
\sa bm::sparse_vector<>::const_iterator
\sa bm::sparse_vector<>::back_insert_iterator
\sa bm::sparse_vector_scanner
/*! \file svsample06.cpp
\brief Example: sparse_vector<> scan search (non-ordered set functionality)
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <chrono>
#include <algorithm>
#include <random>
#include <stdexcept>
#include "bm.h"
#include "bmsparsevec.h"
#include "bmtimer.h"
#include "bmundef.h" /* clear the pre-proc defines from BM */
using namespace std;
// ----------------------------------------------------
// Global parameters and types
// ----------------------------------------------------
const unsigned value_max = 1250000; // range of variants of events [0..max]
const unsigned test_size = 250000000; // vector size to generate
// -------------------------------------------
// Random generator
// -------------------------------------------
std::random_device rand_dev;
std::mt19937 gen(rand_dev());
std::uniform_int_distribution<> rand_dis(1, value_max); // generate uniform numebrs for [1, vector_max]
// timing storage for benchmarking
// Function to generate test vector set with some NULL values stored as a
// separate bit-bector
void generate_test_set(std::vector<unsigned>& vect,
bm::bvector<>& bv_null,
// back insert iterator is faster than random element access for sparse vector
for (unsigned i = 0; i < test_size; ++i)
unsigned v = unsigned(rand_dis(gen));
vect[i] = v;
bv_null[i] = true; // not NULL(assigned) element
*bi = v; // push back an element to sparse vector
if (i % 64 == 0)
bi.add_null(5); // add 5 unassigned elements using back inserter
i += 5; // insert a small NULL plate (unassigned values)
} // for
// plain scan in std::vector<>, matching values are indexed
// in result bit-vector (subset projection)
// values are added, so multiple calls result in subset addition
void vector_search(const std::vector<unsigned>& vect,
const bm::bvector<>& bv_null,
unsigned value,
bm::bvector<>& bv_res)
bv_res.init(); // always use init() if set_bit_no_check()
for (size_t i = 0; i < vect.size(); ++i)
if (vect[i] == value)
} // for
bv_res &= bv_null; // correct results to only include non-NULL values
cout << "( count = " << bv.count() << ")" << ": [";
for (; en.valid(); ++en)
cout << *en << ", ";
cout << "]" << endl;
int main(void)
// First, lets run, simple (printable) search case
sv.set(2, 25);
sv.set(3, 35);
sv.set(7, 75);
sv.set(1000, 2000);
sv.set(256, 2001);
sv.set(77, 25);
bm::bvector<> bv_found; // search results vector
scanner.find_eq(sv, 25, bv_found); // seach for all values == 25
print_bvector(bv_found); // print results
scanner.invert(sv, bv_found); // invert search results to NOT EQ
print_bvector(bv_found); // print all != 25
std::vector<unsigned> vect;
bm::bvector<> bv_null;
bm::chrono_taker tt1("0. test set generate ", 1, &timing_map);
generate_test_set(vect, bv_null, sv);
unsigned search_repeats = 500;
// generate a search vector for benchmarking
std::vector<unsigned> search_vect;
bm::bvector<> bv_tmp;
for (unsigned i = 0; i < search_repeats;)
if (!bv_tmp.test(idx)) // check if number is unique
bv_tmp[idx] = 1;
// run benchmarks
bm::bvector<> bv_res1;
bm::bvector<> bv_res2;
bm::bvector<> bv_res3;
bm::chrono_taker tt1("1. std::vector<> scan ", search_repeats, &timing_map);
for (unsigned i = 0; i < search_repeats; ++i)
unsigned vs = search_vect[i];
vector_search(vect, bv_null, vs, bv_res1);
} // for
bm::chrono_taker tt1("2. sparse_vector<> scan ", search_repeats, &timing_map);
scanner.find_eq(sv, search_vect.begin(), search_vect.end(), bv_res2);
// check jus in case if results look correct
if ( != 0)
std::cerr << "2. Search result mismatch!" << std::endl;
bv_res3.init(); // always init before calling "set_bit_no_check()"
bm::chrono_taker tt1("3. sparse_vector<>::const_iterator search ", search_repeats, &timing_map);
// prepare a unique search set
bm::combine_or(bv_search, search_vect.begin(), search_vect.end());
for (; it != it_end; ++it)
unsigned v = *it;
if (bv_search.test(v))
} // for
// paranoiya check
if ( != 0)
std::cerr << "3. Search result mismatch!" << std::endl;
catch(std::exception& ex)
std::cerr << ex.what() << std::endl;
return 1;
return 0;
Compressed bit-vector bvector<> container, set algebraic methods, traversal iterators.
Sparse constainer sparse_vector<> for integer types using bit-transposition transform.
Algorithms for bm::sparse_vector.
Timing utilities for benchmarking (internal)
pre-processor un-defines to avoid global space pollution (internal)
Constant iterator designed to enumerate "ON" bits.
Definition: bm.h:602
bool valid() const BMNOEXCEPT
Checks if iterator is still valid.
Definition: bm.h:282
Bitvector Bit-vector container with runtime compression of bits.
Definition: bm.h:114
bool test(size_type n) const BMNOEXCEPT
returns true if bit n is set and false is bit n is 0.
Definition: bm.h:1477
size_type count() const BMNOEXCEPT
population count (count of ON bits)
Definition: bm.h:2262
enumerator first() const
Returns enumerator pointing on the first non-zero bit.
Definition: bm.h:1819
void init()
Explicit post-construction initialization.
Definition: bm.h:2191
bvector< Alloc > & reset()
Clears every bit in the bitvector.
Definition: bm.h:1242
int compare(const bvector< Alloc > &bvect) const BMNOEXCEPT
Lexicographical comparison with a bitvector.
Definition: bm.h:3238
void set_bit_no_check(size_type n)
Set bit without checking preconditions (size, etc)
Definition: bm.h:3644
Utility class to collect performance measurements and statistics.
Definition: bmtimer.h:40
static void print_duration_map(const duration_map_type &dmap, format fmt=ct_time)
Definition: bmtimer.h:146
std::map< std::string, statistics > duration_map_type
test name to duration map
Definition: bmtimer.h:65
algorithms for sparse_vector scan/search
void invert(const SV &sv, typename SV::bvector_type &bv_out)
invert search result ("EQ" to "not EQ")
void find_eq(const SV &sv, typename SV::value_type value, typename SV::bvector_type &bv_out)
find all sparse vector elements EQ to search value
succinct sparse vector with runtime compression using bit transposition method
Definition: bmsparsevec.h:82
void set(size_type idx, value_type v)
set specified element with bounds checking and automatic resize
Definition: bmsparsevec.h:1517
const_iterator end() const BMNOEXCEPT
Provide const iterator access to the end
Definition: bmsparsevec.h:483
back_insert_iterator get_back_inserter()
Provide back insert iterator Back insert iterator implements buffered insertion, which is faster,...
Definition: bmsparsevec.h:496
const_iterator begin() const BMNOEXCEPT
Provide const iterator access to container content
Definition: bmsparsevec.h:1959
@ use_null
support "non-assigned" or "NULL" logic
Definition: bmconst.h:215
GAP compression is ON.
Definition: bmconst.h:144
void combine_or(BV &bv, It first, It last)
OR Combine bitvector and the iterable sequence.
Definition: bmalgo_impl.h:1016
unsigned int id_t
Definition: bmconst.h:37
const unsigned test_size
Definition: svsample06.cpp:54
std::random_device rand_dev
Definition: svsample06.cpp:60
bm::sparse_vector< bm::id_t, bm::bvector<> > sparse_vector_u32
Definition: svsample06.cpp:46
static void vector_search(const std::vector< unsigned > &vect, const bm::bvector<> &bv_null, unsigned value, bm::bvector<> &bv_res)
Definition: svsample06.cpp:106
bm::chrono_taker::duration_map_type timing_map
Definition: svsample06.cpp:65
int main(void)
Definition: svsample06.cpp:133
void print_bvector(const bm::bvector<> &bv)
Definition: svsample06.cpp:122
std::mt19937 gen(rand_dev())
const unsigned value_max
Definition: svsample06.cpp:53
std::uniform_int_distribution rand_dis(1, value_max)
static void generate_test_set(std::vector< unsigned > &vect, bm::bvector<> &bv_null, sparse_vector_u32 &sv)
Definition: svsample06.cpp:73