Version 7.3.0

Jan 29, 2021

Release Notes

BitMagic v.7.3.0 focuses on improving compression (speed and rate) of bit-transposed vectors and data frames.

XOR compression filter went through additional testing on real-life datasets, resulted in significant re-implementation of algorithms to optimize for 32/64-bit systems or SIMD. New implementation includes a version of task-parallel algorithms (not final and poorly documented at this moment) to calculate XOR similarity model using multiple cores/threads (gives times faster performance). Future versions will provide better documentation/examples.

  1. Continued effort to provide better version for WebAssembly.
  2. Improved compressed container serialization (compression rate and speed).
  3. Fixed threading issue in C mappings (contributed by Luiz Irber) affecting Rust bindings (applicable to other languages).
  4. Fixed issue with bm::str_sparse_vector<> with remapping of non-English characters (issue isolated by Andrea Asztalos).
  5. Fixed compilation issue related to Clang compiler compatibility and [[fallthrough]] (fix by Aaron Ucko).
  6. Download v7.3.0 (Sourceforge) GitHub

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