Version 3.12.6

July 20, 2018

Release Notes

  1. Fixed crash (3.12.0 regression) on copying of empty bm::bvector<>
  2. Major optimization of bm::set2set_11_transform<> (4x times speedup). Read more..
  3. Reworked svsample05 to better explain use of bm::sparse_vector<> as associative container for set-to-set remapping operations
  4. Improved performance of logical OR operation on bm::bvector<>
  5. Implemented bm::sparse_vector<>::gather() for faster selective retrieval of values from bit-transposed containers. SSE4.2 and AVX2 optimizations for gather operation.
  6. Fixed some harmless but inconveninent compilation warnings
  7. Implemented new bm::bvector<> functions copy_range() and range copy contructor for faster horizontal partitioning
  8. Fixed some warnings, cleaned code for better overall compatibility

Download v 3.12.6